Bibi’s Boutique

Bibi’s Boutique specializes in color-coordinated luxury collars, leashes, harnesses, dog bowls, beds, tee-shirts, coats, and other high quality items for dogs. All products are tested on OUR animals for safety, functionality, ease of use, and, last but not least, fashion suitability. Our 5 dogs are always happy to test the treats, but less inclined for the bath products.

Bibi’ s Boutique was named after a little Yorkshire Terrier named Bibi, with whom we had many adventures in Palm Beach. Her adventures are chronicled in a series of over 30 books, the first being MEET BIBI followed by BIBI GETS LOST .

Bibi ‘s Boutique is historically the smallest store in Palm Beach. If you are in Palm Beach, come by and say hello! Our Yorkie Rescue Ambassadors will greet you with a lick and happy wiggle!