Irene Lummertz Jewelry



Irene Lummertz specializes in colored gemstone jewelry, all encased in 18K gold settings. Her love of natural gemstones was inherited from her father, a gemologist in Brazil; from her mother, Irene inherited a knowledge and appreciation of fine art, design and fashion; and from her homeland of Brazil, she was blessed with an unparalleled source of raw materials – natural Citrine, Aquamarine, Topaz and more, that only Brazil can offer.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Humanities, Irene traveled through Europe working at the major fashion centers of Milan and Paris. The beauty and fascination of Brazilian stones drew her back to Brazil where she specializes in jewelry design and seeing her original designs through to creation by employing some of the finest gemologists in Brazil. Now living in Palm Beach and Washington, D.C., Irene develops dazzling jewelry using unique combinations of gemstones in varying shapes and colors.

“Gemstones are my passion, the core of my design.

Nature does the work and I do the rest.”

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