M Fine Arts Galerie

Founded February 2016, M Fine Arts is dedicated to continuing to represent the inimitable group of international artists assembled over 18 years by the late Bertrand Delacroix, founder of iconic Axelle Galerie Soho and Boston.

The gallery is the collaboration of two Boston-based gallerists—Madison Maushart and Mitch Plotkin—committed to supporting and sharing exceptional contemporary painting and sculpture by artists on both sides of the Atlantic. M Fine Arts offers clients singularly excellent, distinctive work that is otherwise unseen outside of Europe.

From the deeply sensitive, exquisitely graceful sculptures of Chantal Lacout to the bewitching dreamscapes of Eric Roux-Fontaine, M Fine Arts brings to Palm Beach a host of eminently talented artists living and working in France. Among the many other gems in the gallery’s rich repertoire of French artists are renowned Naïf virtuoso Michel Delacroix and master of darkly playful introspection François Anton. More local but no less inimitable are the dramatically gestural, technically flawless tours de force of Brooklyn-based painter Joseph Adolphe, one of a choice group of American artists represented by the gallery.


M Fine Arts Galerie warmly welcomes collectors and visitors alike. We are happy to facilitate seasoned and first-time acquisitions for new and growing collections, give advice on framing or to simply chat about the art!


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