Pageo x Misani Fine Jewelers

Pageo, a family-owned jewelry boutique, opened its first location in Newton, MA over 40 years ago. In the beginning, the sibling duo quickly became known for their keen eye and sense of style. After Pageo’s initial success, they traveled to Europe for Inspiration and to expand their collection. While sipping espresso at a bistro in Verona, they discovered the artistry of Misani in a local trade. So impressed by the craftmanship, the siblings drove straight to Milan to see firsthand Misani’s 18 K gold, precious and semiprecious stones, and leather pieces. That historic day, Pageo found what would become a lasting partnership between families. In the 40 years since, Pageo and Misani have been collaborating with unparalleled mastery, design, and sophistication to create jewelry unique to each store and client. Misani established in the 60’s, finds its flagship store in the Brera district of Milan. Because Pageo was the exclusive Misani retailer in the U.S., growing to include locations in Boston and Nantucket, it was an easy decision for Misani and Pageo to open a first-of-it’s-kind, stateside storefront. Join us at 317 Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, FL to experience the elegance and distinction that is Pageo X Misani.

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