Embracing Divinity: A State of Grace with works by Reynier Llanes | Frascione Gallery

04/19/2024 – 05/30/2024 | Frascione Gallery

Daisy B. Diaz, owner and cultural director of Frascione Gallery, curates a fresh body of work, featuring a selection of paintings, sketches, and works on paper by Cuban Artist Reynier Llanes and Old Master paintings from the 16th and 17th century by Florentine painters Francesco Botti and the Master of the Lamentation of Scandicci. This new artistic venture will highlight the beauty of the human embrace in various scenarios spanning from passion to maternal love. The displayed paintings and sketches present a vibrant palette, depicting various everyday scenes with a mysterious touch. These pieces, juxtaposed with the Old Masters, suggest the transcending power and divine emotion of the embrace.

Frascione Gallery

Palm Beach, FL 


Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday appointments upon request.




Frascione Gallery, founded in 1893 in Italy, presents its inaugural Palm Beach gallery exhibition featuring Old Masters, Modern, and Contemporary paintings and sculptures. Curated by Massimo Pulini in partnership with Aria Art Gallery (Florence), “Timelessness” explores how art transcends time and place. Art never ceases to tell different stories to everyone and this narrative is tied to a remote time and distant geography. The exhibition aims to serve as a laboratory for researching these connections, giving rise to dialectical forms between the past and present, near and remote. Exhibiting artists include: Girolamo Forabosco; Nicola Samori; Carlo Dolci; Ettore Frani; Giovanni Battista Vanni; Fabrizio Corneli; Master of the Scandicci Lamentation; Salustiano; Giuliano Bugiardini; Diango Hernandez; Benvenuto di Giovanni; Carole Feuerman; Evangelista di Pian di Meleto; and Michelangelo Bastiani.

For more information, contact 561-444-2092 or click here to send us an email.

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